Case Studies

Want to know what we’ve achieved for our clients? Check out the case studies below.

Our Case Studies

STOX Energy

STOX Energy Socks struggled to scale their Facebook ads. They were at €17K/mo spend @ 1 ROAS 30 days before working with us. We took over the account and within the next 5 months, we more than doubled the spend and ROAS - producing €503K in revenue from €214K in spend @ 2.35 ROAS View The Case Study

Homeware Brand

In just 30 days, we rapidly scaled a Canadian based kitchen and bathroom utensils brand to $620K/mo USD in FB ads revenue. Despite decreasing the ROAS, we increased profit by 1.56X. (our client wishes to keep his brand confidential, so we've hidden the brand name) View The Case Study

Skincare Brand

This is a US mid-market skincare brand for 35+ women. We scaled the account from breakeven to $500K/mo in revenue at 2 ROAS. We'll show you exactly how we turned this around, and had record sales days of $40K+.(our client wishes to keep his brand confidential, so we've hidden the brand name) View The Case Study

Coaching Course

This solopreneur was struggling to scale her Facebook ads whilst focusing on improving her products. We grew the digital product sales to over $200K/mo without our client having to touch a single button in ads manager. View The Case Study


Timio came to us after having successfully raised €90K on Kickstarter. Brand new to direct to consumer and with a fresh ad account with 0 pixel data, we grew the sales to over €100K/mo. View The Case Study


This brand is a print on demand apparel company. We’ve helped them scale from negative ROI with their Facebook ads to scaling to $104K/mo. We scaled to $5,000/day in spend whilst returning $15,000-$17,000/day in revenue. We couldn't scale any further as Teepinch couldn't fulfil any more orders within a 24 hour day. We reveal our creative, audience and testing process that we use to systematically find buyers on Facebook and scale hard to drive revenue. View The Case Study

Blueprint Eyewear

A Dutch based eyewear brand wanted to scale fast for the upcoming season. We helped them scale to €148K/mo. On peak days we were spending €3,000 - €3,500/day whilst driving €7K-9K/day in FB revenue. We reveal our creative testing strategy that we used to mass test creative and scale our winners to maximize revenue. View The Case Study


Ecomtrics came to us as they wanted to scale their info product whilst having more time to focus on improving their course. After going through a rough experience with another agency, they came to us and we scaled their digital course to over $100K/mo in revenue View The Case Study

Housing Anywhere

A Dutch-based marketplace wanted to cut their customer acquisition down as Facebook was an unprofitable channel for them. After we took over the account we cut their cost per acquisition down by almost half. In this case study, we show how we used hyper-segmentation to deliver relevant messages at the relevant time to cut down CAC. View The Case Study


Rheem is one of the largest appliance manufacturing corporations in the US. They wanted to test product-market fit for their new product, the Hotwave, before mass manufacturing it. Using our 3 step eCommerce scaling strategy, we helped them generate $69K in revenue off $24K in ad spend within a 30-day crowdfunding campaign - on a product that's never been sold before with a 9 month delivery time. View The Case Study