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Book Your Free Facebook Ads Audit Call!

On this call, we’ll dive into your account and analytics and diagnose exactly where the bottlenecks lie that are stopping your Facebook ads from scaling and achieving your target ROAS

Our 3 Step eCommerce Scaling Process


We dive deep into your ad account and analytics, understand your current strategy and diagnose the exact bottlenecks stopping your account from scaling to your target daily spend and ROAS


We develop a full funnel marketing strategy from studying your brand, market, product and offer and your historic account data to drive revenue from all stages of the customer journey (from prospecting to cross-selling your existing customers)

Optimize & Scale

Once the ads are live, we deploy systems that optimize your ads 24/7 and ensure we never overspend on unprofitable ads. We aggressively scale our winning ads above our target ROAS and aim to consistently maintain your target spend and ROAS

What Do Our Clients Think About Working With Us?

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Floris Zwolsman - Blueprint Eyewear
I was doing all the FB and IG ads myself, I’ve worked with other agencies in the past - they’ve always performed worse than myself. These guys scaled my ads to €7-9K/day in revenue.
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Robin de Boer - Ecomtrics
They spent €83K in 2 months and made back €173K, which is extremely profitable for our digital product.
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Nick Fiorante - Teepinch
We scaled to $15K-$17K/day in revenue at a 3 ROAS. We could have scaled further but we couldn’t fulfil any more orders within a 24 hour day.
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Gautam Argawal - Toniiq
We tried to Facebook ads ourselves and got poor results and we didn’t want to hire someone in-house, that’s when we found Syed. Our CPA dropped by 5X and our revenue grew by 2.5X.
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Neera Sharma - Gifts For Little Hands
These guys were very different compared to the other agencies I worked with. They told me that I wasn’t ready to work with them yet. Instead of taking me on they consulted me and showed me different changes I could make in my account to increase sales for my store.
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Kaj Van Zweeden - Housing Anywhere
We didn’t have the time and expertise to run the account ourselves, which is why we opt-ed for the agency approach. I would definitely recommend you guys to people looking for agencies.

Our Case Studies

STOX Energy

STOX Energy Socks struggled to scale their Facebook ads. They were at €17K/mo spend @ 1 ROAS 30 days before working with us. We took over the account and within the next 5 months, we more than doubled the spend and ROAS - producing €503K in revenue from €214K in spend @ 2.35 ROAS View The Case Study

Homeware Brand

In just 30 days, we rapidly scaled a Canadian based kitchen and bathroom utensils brand to $620K/mo USD in FB ads revenue. Despite decreasing the ROAS, we increased profit by 1.56X. (our client wishes to keep his brand confidential, so we've hidden the brand name) View The Case Study

Skincare Brand

This is a US mid-market skincare brand for 35+ women. We scaled the account from breakeven to $500K/mo in revenue at 2 ROAS. We'll show you exactly how we turned this around, and had record sales days of $40K+.(our client wishes to keep his brand confidential, so we've hidden the brand name) View The Case Study

Coaching Course

This solopreneur was struggling to scale her Facebook ads whilst focusing on improving her products. We grew the digital product sales to over $200K/mo without our client having to touch a single button in ads manager. View The Case Study


Timio came to us after having successfully raised €90K on Kickstarter. Brand new to direct to consumer and with a fresh ad account with 0 pixel data, we grew the sales to over €100K/mo. View The Case Study


This brand is a print on demand apparel company. We’ve helped them scale from negative ROI with their Facebook ads to scaling to $104K/mo. We scaled to $5,000/day in spend whilst returning $15,000-$17,000/day in revenue. We couldn't scale any further as Teepinch couldn't fulfil any more orders within a 24 hour day. We reveal our creative, audience and testing process that we use to systematically find buyers on Facebook and scale hard to drive revenue. View The Case Study

Blueprint Eyewear

A Dutch based eyewear brand wanted to scale fast for the upcoming season. We helped them scale to €148K/mo. On peak days we were spending €3,000 - €3,500/day whilst driving €7K-9K/day in FB revenue. We reveal our creative testing strategy that we used to mass test creative and scale our winners to maximize revenue. View The Case Study


Ecomtrics came to us as they wanted to scale their info product whilst having more time to focus on improving their course. After going through a rough experience with another agency, they came to us and we scaled their digital course to over $100K/mo in revenue View The Case Study

Housing Anywhere

A Dutch-based marketplace wanted to cut their customer acquisition down as Facebook was an unprofitable channel for them. After we took over the account we cut their cost per acquisition down by almost half. In this case study, we show how we used hyper-segmentation to deliver relevant messages at the relevant time to cut down CAC. View The Case Study


Rheem is one of the largest appliance manufacturing corporations in the US. They wanted to test product-market fit for their new product, the Hotwave, before mass manufacturing it. Using our 3 step eCommerce scaling strategy, we helped them generate $69K in revenue off $24K in ad spend within a 30-day crowdfunding campaign - on a product that's never been sold before with a 9 month delivery time. View The Case Study

About Us

We're a group of marketers that have a passion for helping DTC brands gain explosive growth through Facebook and Instagram Ads. We love to geek out on all things media buying, conversion rate optimisation, funnels and more!

Cem Verghese
Cem Verghese
Co-Founder, Managing Director
Syed Qadri
Syed Qadri
Co-Founder, Senior Media Buyer
Strahinja Ignovic
Strahinja Ignovic
Media Buyer
Paul Bruce
Paul Bruce
Media Buyer
Dervis Cordero
Dervis Cordero
Josef Zorgui
Josef Zorgui
Senior Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Creative is one of the most important parts of the ad so we have a team of designers that curate all the creatives. All we need is the raw images/videos from the client.

Nope. We don’t need lengthy 6 or 12 month contracts to retain our clients like other agencies do. Our agreements are month to month.

You won’t need to deal with painful exit fees, paying out contracts for services that continue to yield poor results, or employment regulations with us.

Facebook And Instagram Advertising



Yes. We do subcontract for other agencies. The typical agencies we work with are:

a) Experiencing overflow and need to fulfil on the new business they’ve taken on.
b) Don’t want to hire in-house employees who may not deliver.
c) Want to sell FB/IG advertising to their clients but lack the expertise to deliver the service themselves.

We typically work with eCommerce brand owners who experience 1 out of the 3 problems:

1) They’re the owner of the brand, they’re running the ad account themselves – but have no time to focus on scaling it.

Perhaps they tried hiring others to run the account for them to free up their time and get better performance, but instead got worse performance and wasted their time and resources and had to take control back themselves

Facebook ads were the growth and revenue driver for them – but now the tables have turned and it’s created a time and resource-draining bottleneck that they feel permanently stuck in

2) They have an in-house team and aren’t happy with the results. They’re spread too thin and cannot focus on scaling their account amongst all the other tasks that need to be done

3) They’re doing very well on other channels – such as SEO, Paid Search or Amazon and are looking to try out Facebook ads and scale even further on cold traffic

We require that you already have product-market fit, you’re currently generating revenue in your business and have the infrastructure to support scale.

Our typical client is usually a 7+ figure DTC eCommerce brand already spending $500-$3K/day and looking to improve scale, ROAS and free up their time and internal bandwidth.

1) We cap our buyers. This means each client receives the attention and focus they need to scale. Most agencies will assign their media buyers 10-20 clients each which leads to a lack of focus, unresponsiveness and ultimately poor results.

2) We grant clients direct access to our slack channel. Communication between ourselves and clients is fast and responsive so things get done quickly. Time is money!

3) We specialise in FB/IG ads. This means we have a deep focus in 1 channel and can truly hone our craft and develop intricate strategies that help us improve ROAS and scale.

Absolutely, since we charge based on a %, we’re financially incentivized to get you results. We scale as our client scales.

We don’t care about engagement, billable hours or any other vanity metric. We understand that you have payroll and overheads to expense as we do and that only cash pays the bills and fuels growth

We don’t know at this point. The best way for us to find out is for you to take advantage of your free Facebook ads audit call. That way we can take a look and give you a projection of what we could achieve.